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Congratulations Louise Webb

A new principal at Merrick. We welcome LOUISE WEBB as a new Director.

Principals Gregory Borowski, Mitch Sakumoto, and Shaun McIntyre are pleased to welcome Louise Webb as an equal owner in Merrick Architecture.

Louise Webb joined Merrick Architecture in May 2008 to enhance the Vancouver Olympic Village team. She brought with her a proven track record of working on fast track and high density housing projects both in the US and British Columbia. Louise relocated from her native England in 2000, where she worked in many different facets of architectural practice including social housing, health care, refurbishment of large post war housing projects and laboratories. Louise’s winning approach both in the office and in the field, combined with her superlative and highly personable communication skills make her a great asset to any project team. The application of her remarkable cross-section of abilities was instrumental to the success of the Transportation Management Centre and continues through her work for the current 1568 Alberni project.

Currently a valued leader at the practice, she will continue to advance her collaboration with our clients and team members.