Community, Humanity, Culture, History, Sustainable, Future: Together, these principles embody the collective spirit and values of Merrick Architecture. Our design process is grounded by our respect for people and the planet. We provoke design solutions of lasting substance… inspired by the vision of our clients.

“It’s about respecting people and our planet – contextual-design architecture that acknowledges its surroundings and, within this realm, seeks to enhance both community and environment. And, within this, passionate leadership.”

“Architecture is the art and science of reconciling human need and desire with the natural and man-made environment.”

“Strive to the greater benefit of our species, our natural surroundings, and this planet. And enjoy doing it together!”

“The concept of green building and design goes beyond a series of distinct system improvements, such as low energy lighting or composting toilets,
to include an integrated design approach in which all members of the team work together to facilitate the most effective and enduring application
of resources.”

“Architecture embodies the continuum of the human race and what we aspire to. Driven by a need to make our mark, we seek to inhabit,
shelter ourselves and foster livelihoods within four walls and a roof.”

“Carry the aspirations of ‘craft’ forward…. respecting the efforts of all those who have come before…. protecting, nurturing and enriching the human condition by means of architecture’s fascinating blend of science and art, inspired by those of like mind and purpose.”