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On 29 January, 2021 Merrick Principal Gregory Borowski presented the Sewells Landing project to the WoodTalks Conference.  The presentation focused on innovations in use of structural heavy timber and wood on noncombustible buildings categorized as highrise.

WoodTALKS at the GBM
January 28 & 29, 2021 | Live Webinars, Pre-recorded Webinars & Tradeshow | 6+ Educational Hours

Timber Advancements and Characteristics In Projects

Sewell’s Landing, Timber from Sea to Sky Project:

The Sewells Landing project in West Vancouver celebrates the use of heavy timber. The project is conceived as a village of structures stepping up from the waters of Horseshoe Bay to the cliffs of Tyee Point. Everywhere the project is crowned in wood. The timber forms the uppermost levels of all of the buildings, such that the living space comprises ’Westcoast houses in the sky’.

The project integrates heavy timber within non-combustible construction. On the basis of Code Alternative Solutions, the project team has been able to include exposed timber throughout, capping the concrete construction below. This is actual timber structure up to twelve stories in the air, not a veneer.

We considered timber to be the most appropriate material to integrate the project into the village of Horseshoe Bay. It allows residents to enjoy an authentic experience of Westcoast living, under wood, at the foot of the mountain, and beside the sea. The Amenity Boathouse concludes this experience, offering access onto the water itself from a cathedral of timber

WoodTALKS at the Global Buyers Mission in Whistler BC (bcwood.com)