This significant urban renewal project addressed the entire industrial waterfront to the east of the Ladysmith town centre. The site program focused on remediation of the foreshore and inner harbour basin which is significantly comprised by years of log assemble, coal transportation and marine activity. The development program envisaged a mixed use community building on the ‘industrial’ history of the site and encompassing a full range of residential occupancies set within an artisan commercial focus. This commercial opportunity included a ‘floating’ boutique hotel with boat moorings, substantial marine facilities, handcraft manufacturing and sales and related resort and tourism retail circumstances. The residential component included senior housing and the potential for a multi-level care facility in support of the Aging-in-Place concept of retirement living.

The infrastructure focused on developing a traditional sea-side village with the building sites taking full advantage of the terraced landscape and waterfront views. The initial proposal envisaged linkages across the Island highway to tie the existing town centre streetscape into the proposed network of access and circulation – effectively knitting the historic fabric together with the new development program. This network of roads provided a sense of seamless access and preserved the view corridors from the heritage town centre out and across the waterfront.